The Donkey Forever Care Home in Colchester, Essex

The Donkey Forever Care Home

The Donkey Forever Care Home - Colchester, Essex

  • Donkey Care Home - Colchester, Essex
  • Donkey Care Home - Colchester, Essex
  • Donkey Care Home - Colchester, Essex
  • Donkey Care HOme - Colchester, Essex
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If you would like to make a donation towards their rescue we would love to hear from you.

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We would like to say a big thank you to a very kind lady in Diss for her kind donation enabling us to buy our winter hay and lovely soft bedding for the Donkeys and Ponies we are so grateful.


We are very grateful to our very kind friends for their support enabling us to acquire extra winter feed and warm bedding for our lovely donkeys and ponies especially for the dry spell we had this summer causing us to have less grazing. We would also like to thank the Jelley family for their support in memory of Jim a big thank you to everyone



Unfortunately little Dazzle had to go into intensive care for a good few days as he suddenly became very poorly and it looked very uncertain for this beautiful little pony. The brilliant team at Paton and Lee looked after him so well day and night and with all their kind care and medication he pulled through. We would like to say a big thank you to Tony , Cassie and all the fantastic and kind nurses who got him through horrible worrying time we cannot thank you all enough. Now he is much better and enjoying his time out grazing love this little man he is such a brave little fighter.



Thank you to the kind people of Essex and Suffolk for their kind donations which has enabled us to buy extra Hay and Woodchips for the Donkeys and Ponies a big thank you to everyone.



We would like to welcome little Daisy Mae to our Donkey family. Daisy Mae arrived in a very frail way. She has not been fed very often and unfortunately has lost quite a lot of muscle around her body due to a very poor diet. She also has a bad eye where she has been hurt which is of great concern to us as she has been given no veterinary treatment. This all hopefully can change for Daisy with your help we can help her to get through this trauma she has suffered.

She is the most kindest, sweetest natured little Donkey and we want her to have the best treatment she deserves. Any donation you would like to give however small to help Daisy Mae would be greatly appreciated and we will update the website on her progress. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you can make this happen.

The Donkey Forever Care Home would like to thank Stuart and Fiona from Norfolk for their kind donation for the operation for Daisy Mae's eye we are so grateful to them both.



Donation - Rubber Stable Matting

A big thank you to Mr Algar from Diss for his kind donation for the rubber stable matting for the little shetland ponies so much warmer for these little men now.



Donation - Brand new metal sheet roof.

We would also like to thank Mr Harris from Romford for his donation which allowed us to take down the very old leaky stable roof and replace it with the brand new metal sheeting so all nice and dry now.

Mob: 07816 685790
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All donations are used for the welfare and the up keep of our lovely donkeys, as well as the continuous day to day maintenance of the stables, out buildings etc.

Mob: 07816 685790
or email us on

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Important Notice* We are sorry we are not open to the public.

For up todate information on our donkey's progress please do watch our website.


We are so pleased with the New Boots that were brought for Wez our older Donkey by a very special lady. Wez had a very painful hoof infection and was unable to go out for quite some time until he recovered. Thank God he is more comfortable now and is able to go out in his paddock with his new boots on. He is a very happy Donkey now xx

Latest News


For his kind donation of signs for the horsebox!

Welcome to Louis & Lenny

The Donkey Forever Care Home now welcomes Louis and Lenny our lovely little Shetland Ponies. They are going through their training at the moment bless them both.


Thank you to your donations

This is our vehicle that has replaced our very old horsebox, we are so grateful to everyone who has supported our appeals. We thank you so much..



Our New Barn!

A big thank you to all of our supporters helping to raise funds through donations to help us build our lovely new barn for hay. We have just found a new farmer who has delivered large bails for us on a regular basis. A big thank you to everyone involved for making this possible.